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Reader connection control

It allows you to control the connection status of the RFID reader with the host. The control rely on automatically resetting the connection between the RFID reader and the server after a specified time.

Configure this option in the " RECONNECT_AFTER_SEC; " line.

It is required for the user to declare the time value in the unit of second.

For example, if the user wants the connection to be reset every 10 seconds, the record would look like this:


When for some reason the reader loses connection, it will be signaling tag reading until the connection is reset. (but will block the sending of the tag that has been read). After this time, the reading will be stopped and the reader will indicate with a red light that the connection has been lost. In addition, this error will be saved to a log file.

After restoring the connection between the reader and the host, the tags read will be sent.



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