icmGate the best software ZEBRA RFID FX7500 and FX9600

Installing the app on the reader

Instructions for placing the DEB file on the RFID reader

The first step is to log the user into the administration console of the RFID reader.

Enter the reader IP in the address bar.

If the user does not know the IP address of the device, he can view it by right-clicking on the RFID reader icon in the "Networks" directory. The properties of the device will be displayed in which we will find the IP address.

After correctly entering the reader IP, the browser redirects us to the administration console. Below is login and password for logging in:

User Name: admin
Password: change

Then go to the "Applications" tab.

Upload the deb file of the "icmGate" application in the "Install new Package" window. After specifying the path to the file with "Browse", confirm the installation with "Install"

A properly installed application should appear above in the "Existing Packages" window.



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