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"ANT_CONFIG" option

Configuration of RFID antennas

This option allows you to set the activity of antennas and their power.

This option configures in the " ANT_CONFIG; " line.

We configure 3 attributes for the antenna, separated by the division sign " : ". Each subsequent antenna configuration must be separated with " , ".

Warning! Please note that the Zebra Fx7500 RFID reader has 4 antenna ports, while the Zebra Fx9600 has 8.


The first attribute (antenna ID) is responsible for assigning the ID of the antenna that we want to configure.

The second attribute (antenna status) is responsible for assigning the antenna activity status.

The third attribute (antenna power) is responsible for setting the antenna power. The antenna power cannot be less than 10 dBm and not more than 30 dBm. If you enter a value below or above this range, the program will automatically set the default value of 20 dBm.



Above configuration is for Zebra Fx7500 reader, which has 4 antennas

The option configured in this way says:



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